.What is Gloomth?.
Gloomth & the Cult of Melancholy

Gloomth is a clothing and art label working to bring our strange
universe into the "regular" world through unique fashion, illustration,
and film.

Exquisite quality and original designs set Gloomth's designs apart from
the flock. Our pieces are produced in extremely limited quantities, and
cannot be found elsewhere- online or in a retail environment.

Gloomth exists between definitions, betwixt subcultures. Forging it's
own decadent path on glittering feet. Our influences can be traced to
street fashions and historical attire, to wildflowers and basement
clubs. We're a little bit- of a lot of things.

Gloomth is a love letter to the misfits of the misfits. To all who posses
their own contradictory nature. To the feminine and ferocious, to the
darling and devastating. To the rebellious mad scientists of fashion,
who are performing elaborate alchemy with their wardrobes. To
everyone who doesn't fit in (and doesn't want to). ~

Who is Gloomth?

Gloomth was created by Taeden Hall, a Toronto-area artist who has
been designing and sewing clothing for many years. A passion for
clothing & originality lead her to creating Gloomth in early 2007.
Supported by a small team of amazing individuals and 2 friendly cats,
Gloomth is a peculiar sort of family.

We have been gaining success & exposure at a rapid rate, we look
forward to years of creativity ahead!      
The Process of Creation

Each Gloomth piece is made in Ontario, Canada. Free of any unfair or
cruel labour practices. We use all new materials, and will occasionally
combine some antique fabrics or notions when suitable. Our pieces are
professionally made from pattern development to each stitch- and will
last for years.

Every piece is a work of art, with great care and expertise going into
it's construction. We hope you'll love our work as much as we love
creating it!
All images. designs. names are copyright 2017 of T.Hall. Registered. DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION.
Dictionary Definition:
Gloomth- noun. Walpole.
Horace Walpole was first to coin the term 'Gloomth', when referring
to the members of the Victorian subculture that revelled in the
morbid, embraced the strict mourning garb eternally, and frequented
the elaborate cemeteries of the era.