~Gloomth UnDead Army~


The Undead Army is Gloomth's fierce international street team! Volunteers
from the world over have jumped on board to spread the word of the 'Cult and
get awesome discounts/rewards!

There are lots of different ways to help out!
What you'd like to Contribute:
All submissions are greatly appreciated, this is what makes
independent business so rewarding!

We will respond within 24hrs and send along your first stack
of stickers etc shortly. :)
Little Zombie:

Our easiest way to lend an undead
hand! Just post one of our handy
banners/buttons (
find them here)
on your online profile (eg.
myspace/buzznet/etc) or suggest
friends become a "fan" of Gloomth
on Facebook!

Send us a screenshot (just hit "print
screen" on your keyboard and paste
the image into mspaint or a similar
program) and email it to us as proof!

We'll send you a discount code
towards your next purchase on our
site! :)
Big Zombie:

For energetic corpses only! Write to
us using the form below and let us
know what you want to do! We'll
mail you a packet of stickers and
fliers you can hand out to friends
and distribute at your favorite
As well as a discount
coupon towards your next purchase
on our website. :)

More, More!
Email us a quick snapshot of the
stickers or fliers in action- pasted to
something or at a club etc- and we'll
send you a big discount code!
GLOOMTHZINE: Gloomth also has it's very own daily publication/'zine! We are always
on the look out for fans to contribute articles, reviews, photos, and more! Not only will
your contribution reach tons of cool readers but we'll give you full credit on the 'zine as
well as a permanent discount code you can use for future purchases on our site!
For more information click here:
BLOGGERS/PRESS/REVIEWS/YOUTUBE: We would love to hear your ideas for other
promotion and fun collaborations! So send us an email about what you have in mind as
we can definitely work something out.