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Gloomth now offers the option to mail in your order and pay by cash, money order, or by
credit card!

Here's all the info you'll need to use these options to place your order. We are not
responsible for lost funds in the mail, please get a tracked envelope from your post office to
send the funds in so it will be protected/insured by your postal service! We do not accept
cheques of any kind.

~International Money Orders~

We will accept International Money or Postal orders mailed to us directly. Please make sure the money
order is cashable in Canada or else it's no good to us and will be sent back. If you have a hold on the
funds we will not begin construction of the garments until the hold releases.

You can get a Money Order at any bank or through your post office.

Wiki entry on International Money Orders-  

~ Cash ~

We only accept exact funds in Canadian dollars.  This option is available to our customers worldwide.
If you are interested in paying via cash please fill out the Order Form and email us for our mailing

Please note we are not responsible for the behavior of the post office, we recommend insuring your
letter or getting tracking for your envelope.

We do accept cash for pick-up orders or delivery, as well as at all of our events/shows.


~ How to Use our Order Form ~

In order to pay with either cash or an International money order you will need to fill-out and print
Order Form to send with the funds! Otherwise we won't know who sent the money or what you
want to buy with it.

Click here to get the Order Form pdf. You will need Adobe to read it.

*Order Form Link*

Get Adobe Reader (free)

You can fill it out right on your computer through the Adobe program, then just print it off and tuck it
in with your cash or money order.

Item Name: The bold title you find on the individual item page, ie "Providence Skirt". It doesn't have
to be exactly the same just clear enough that we will understand what you mean.

Color: If the item is available in a few colors choose the one you like.

Price: The price of the item alone.

Shipping: Please add the shipping charge for your order or else we wont be able to send it!!! You can
find shipping charges
HERE. Just write "SHIPPING" for the item name and then put the total cost for
shipping in the price section.

Total: Your total including shipping costs.

PLEASE- Double check the spelling for your email address and mailing address! We need to be able to
reach you regarding your order and to confirm that we received your money.

Once you've filled out your order form and put your cash or money order into the envelope
Then we will send you the mailing address where you can send your order and we'll know to expect the
letter. :) or click here.


We really recommend getting a trackable envelope or service when sending these sorts of things. Every
mail service in every nation will have an option, just ask!!!
Canada Post offers an envelope you can buy at the post office that has tracking.
USPS allows you to add on a tracking number for about $1.
UPS also has trackable envelopes.

Its worth being overly safe since the post office isn't always reliable. We are not responsible for the loss
of cash or money orders in the mail- get a tracked envelope so your parcel and money will be insured
by your post office!!!

If you have any questions about using our Order Form or sending cash/money orders please don't
hesitate to email us!
Order Form (Cash, Credit Card, & Money Orders)