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Gloomth's Memento Mori Collection
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The last 2 years have been shadowed by death for those of us at the 'Cult. We have lost dear friends
and cherished family members, and it has turned our thoughts towards the mystery of death, of the
rituals associated with remembrance and goodbye. Our "Memento Mori" line is the darkest hour
before dawn breaks, the pool of shadow at the end of the path, a celebration of the unknown. A
meditation on how something frightening can also be beautiful. We want to honor the one true thing-
we will all die- to remind ourselves that each day is precious, to live with passion, creativity, beauty,
love, and art in every moment.

The pieces in this collection have been influenced by ritual mourning clothing and ephemera from
various historical eras. Presented in a nearly monochromatic color pallet relying on the silhouettes,
textures, and fabrics of each design to stand out, much like traditional mourning apparel. Blended
with Gloomth's signature strangeness to create something both familiar and unique.

This collection is also a nod towards Gloomth's roots, to our "Modern Mourning Attire" slogan and
the morbid fascinations of our label, as well as the Gothic subculture from which we originate.

Memento Mori means remember you will die, and remember those that have. We hope you will love
these designs, and the meaning behind them. They are our own little curtsy to those we will
remember, always.

victorian mourning
modern mourning style