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.Gloomth's Special Collections.
Themed Limited Edition Lines
All of our clothing is made by hand when
it is ordered, which takes a little time.
For information on our current
production delays please
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Gloomth's Haunted Circus

An eerie line inspired by a nocturnal circus
and it's ghostly inhabitants! Vintage circus
themes paired with eye-catching stripes and

Our largest collection as of yet with a variety
of separates as well as show-stopping dresses
to delight even the darkest souls. Many of
these styles are limited edition and may
never appear for sale again.
St.Gloomth Academy

The inaugural collaboration from Gloomth &
The House of Pomegranates! A line inspired
by a peculiar academy and it's haunting
students. Vintage school uniform style
pieces and classic shapes in lovely fabrics.

This collection features both women's and
men's clothing. Many pieces were designed
as wardrobe-staples and can be coordinated
into many styles easily.

The newest collaboration between the House
of Pomegranates and Gloomth. A vampire
storybook illustrated by Gloomth designer,
Taeden Hall. Paired with pieces inspired by
the characters in the story!

Very limited edition series. Exquisite party
dresses and a formal capelet ideal for an
evening out. Decadence and mystery!
Memento Mori

The pool of shadow at the end of the path, a
rumination on death, loss, and the rituals of

Implementing Gloomth's "Modern Mourning
Attire" slogan with pieces inspired by
historical mourning clothing and ritual, a
nod towards our Gothic roots. A quiet curtsy
for those we have lost, that we might
remember to cherish each day.
Black Licorice

A celebration of life and of simple, nostalgic
pleasures. Glittering event dresses and
charming separates that are absolutely made
to be danced in.

Inspired by candy, retro prom dresses, and
all night parties. This is Gloomth's most
exuberant collection yet!
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listed in USD $.
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Ghost Story

Inspired by whispered ghost stories told by
candlelight, folklore, and real life hauntings.
Party dresses and separates with Victorian
influences in shades of black and grey.

Inspired by the mist that collects in
graveyards, October, and everything strange
and dark that we cannot explain.