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Gloomth Gift Certificates

Easy and fashionable gift giving.
Available in any denomination, email right to the recipient or print it off at home.
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Made in Canada!
Gloomth Gift Certificates can be redeemed on any purchase made through our website store, on any item.
They cannot be applied to shipping costs or tickets to our live events however.

Simply send us an email letting us know how much you'd like on the gift certificate and we'll send you an invoice
via paypal (can be paid without a paypal account by credit card). Once it's paid we'll send you a unique gift
certificate code and a printable version of it you can give to your recipient or email to them!

No shipping costs! No waiting!


Got a coupon code or Gift Certificate code to redeem?

Simply put the code in at checkout to activate the discount! If you're experiencing any issues redeeming yours
please just send us an email and we'll get it sorted for you right away. :)