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Gloomth's Carmilla Collection

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Made in Canada!
The first release in a collection of Vintage Vampire stories by the House of Pomegranates
Press, illustrated by Gloomth designer Taeden Hall, paired with inspiring forewords by
clever people. Matched with apparel inspired by the stories themselves.


Beautiful paperback edition book with 5 original illustrations and a foreword by Daniel
Richler, as well as several exclusive designs inspired by the story.

"For a hundred and forty years Carmilla has given readers’ bodies and souls a shake,
because the vampire is beautiful but repulsive, to be resisted at all costs, because the
narrative alternates so imaginatively between twittering girlies and an urgent need to
reach for sharpened wooden stakes. Is there any reason it won’t continue to do so far
into the future? Give it a read, and feel how it crawls under your skin."
From the
Foreword by Daniel Richler.

Curl up with this classic tale and enter a world of vampires and mystery with us.

Take a moment to explore the pieces we have created in honour of this story and
collaboration. The perfect blend of art, design, and magic!

"Ma Muse et Timoree" featuring Daniel Richler & Gloomth Girls Grayling and Poppy.