How Long Until I Receive My Order?

Our clothing is professionally made by hand at the time of ordering, production usually takes up to 2
weeks- but this delay varies by season and our current work loads.
check here for estimated shipping times or email us for exacts!
Wait times apply to both standard sizing and custom tailored items.


Additional Information on payment methods can be found in our payment section.


How do I pay?

More information is found -->here.
Go to your Shopping Casket (the petite icon in the top left of your screen that says "View Cart"). This
will display the list of items you've added to your cart and fields for your payment information.

What kinds of payment methods do you accept?

Currently we take Paypal (its free to use!), E-check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express
credit cards. You DO NOT need a Paypal account to pay via credit card or e-cheque using our shopping

Email Bank Transfer- CANADIANS ONLY.

International Money/Postal Order- exact funds, cashable in Canada.

Cash- exact funds in Canadian dollar.

For complete information on PAYMENT see this link

Telephone Purchases- You can place your order over the phone with us directly with Visa or Mastercard!


How do I use my Gift Certificate or Coupon Code?

Simple! At checkout there is a small space where you can input a coupon code or discount code, this
also works for most gift certificates.
If you find your code isn't working please
contact us, our system does occasionally reset the
verification on those codes and it's a quick fix. :)


Cancelling an Order:

For Bespoke and made to order styles we allow cancellations within THREE DAYS of the order being
placed. These items are often cut out and started within that time.


Out of stock or sold-out items!

When an item is out of stock it will appear in the listing itself. Occasionally a new design is so popular
that it sells out entirely in a very short time. Unfortunately it is a "first come, first serve" system, if
someone has the same item in their cart and pays first- they get the item. The shopping cart absolutely
DOES NOT RESERVE ITEMS whatsoever, we have no knowledge of the contents of your cart until you
checkout- Paypal handles the maintenance of all that.

If an item has sold out and you complete checkout before we are able to remove the item from the site,
we will try and offer an alternative solution if possible, such as a different fabric, if this is not possible
we will simply refund you. We apologize for the inconvenience, it happens extremely rarely and we
have no way to avoid this. We do our absolute best to update the site as purchases occur but it is
difficult to do that 100% of the time, errors do occur.

THE SHOPPING CART DOES NOT RESERVE ITEMS, even if you add them to your cart- other people can
still also add them- and if they check out first they get the item. I know this is frustrating but it is the
nature of the beast. If you want something please proceed with the checkout as soon as you can, that
way you ensure you actually get the piece- before someone else pays for it.


Can I reserve this piece of clothing and pay for it later?

No. Add it to your cart and pay when you can. Its first come - first serve. Sorry!




Shipping costs are additional to the price of the items.

The shopping cart on our website is set up to charge for Canada and the United States ONLY!

We ship worldwide! Please use our International Shipping Add-On buttons (located at every shoppe
listing) to add on the cost for shipping outside of North America!

To see fee calculation and rates please check our



How do I know when my item has shipped?

You will receive a confirmation email from us the day your item has been mailed, so you will then have
a rough estimate to when it should arrive. You will also receive tracking information (if applicable) for
your parcel.

Delivery times vary by location and distance, holiday (Nov.1st- Jan 10th) deliveries are often far slower
than the rest of the year.


How long will it take to reach me?

Shipping speeds vary greatly depending on your location,  please keep in mind that the postal workers
don't work on the weekends or holidays. If you are in a hurry and require an order by a certain date
please let us know PRIOR to checkout. We do offer a rush production at the time of purchase as well as
shipping upgrades if need be.

Within Ontario- < 3 business days (We use Expedited)
The Rest of Canada- < 1 week (Expedited)
United States- <14 days
U.K- < 14-16 days (RUSH IS AVAILABLE)
Other countries vary, if you are curious about the delivery times please contact us.

If you are in a hurry please let us know! Rush shipping is available.


I would like a tracking number please!

All apparel orders come with a specific tracking number in North America. If you don't receive it from
us please email us and we'll send it along. Outside of North America you will need to upgrade your
shipping to rush in order to get tracking.

-Other Queries-

Do you do custom orders or custom sizes?

We are happy to custom fit our items to your specific measurements, there is a small charge for this
service since it takes time. Significant changes to designs, larger sizes, or pattern redrafting are handled
on a case by case basis, please contact us for further information on these options.

We're also happy to make entirely custom garments! Have a dream dress in mind? Want to combine a
few of our styles to make a unique one just for you? We'd love to hear from you, let's make something
awesome together. :)


How does your sizing work?

We post the measurements for each individual design because they vary due to fabric/construction.
Some fabric allows for more give & stretch, other fabrics do not. We are careful to explain what fabric is
used in the design and it's features. Please carefully check the measurements posted against your own,
as these are the exact measurements of the finished garment.

For information on taking accurate self measurements please
click here.

Please note we are also able to do custom tailoring/alteration to your items.


I have a problem with my purchase! Refunds/Returns/Etc.

Oh dear! We do try our best to make sure all orders are perfect but mistakes do happen and rest assured
we will do our best to ratify any concerns you might have with your purchase!

Please note we do NOT do refunds, exchange or alteration only on all items.

For information on our returns policy please
click here.


Do you carry plus sized clothing?

Yes! Please note many of our designs can be made in larger sizes, contact us for further info on that!


Do you have Ebay Auctions or sales?

Yes, we do have regular Ebay auctions going. We also occasionally have little sales on the website. To be
informed of these and any private sales/coupons please sign up for the newsletter! We also have special
discounts pop up on our Facebook and Livejournal, so it pays to stay tuned to Gloomth!


Where do the clothes come from?

Dead people, we just dig them up out of their graves and strip them.

We make them. These are not altered vintage or altered pieces. Each design in our catalogue is produced
from concept to completion by a professional seamstress in partnership with a designer. The fabrics
used are all new and we take utmost care in producing our apparel.


Do you do wholesale?

A little, we're a bit picky about where the clothes are sold but please contact us if you are interested in
carrying our brand in your shop!


Can I use your images/designs/layouts for my own stuff?

Absolutely not. Our name/images/logo/etc are all registered property of Taeden Hall and Gloomth.
Using them for your own projects etc is illegal and we will not hesitate to take action on thieves.
Copyright laws are incredibly important and creative property needs to be respected, don't be a jerk and
rip us off.


Why did Gloomth decide to change from doing mostly one of a kind pieces to these fancier ones?

Frankly, we're flattered and surprised anyone even remembers those days!
Since the start of the label Gloomth has been preparing to make the transition to providing more
couture pieces. Initially we had planned to do both- the one of a kinds and the couture- but
unfortunately there aren't enough hours in the day to do that right now.


Where are your cheap one of a kind pieces?

In our imagination! We are not currently producing one offs due to time constraints.


Why do some of your ads say that there's nothing under $50 on your site, when that's clearly not the

Those are out dated ads that have not yet been removed by the webpages hosting them. We apologize
for the inconvenience, but Gloomth recently changed its entire catalogue and our pricing changed with
it. Let us know where you saw that ad and we'll contact the host to change it!


Why aren't your clothes identical to the style of Japanese Lolita brands?

Because we are not a Japanese Lolita brand. We are definitely influenced by Lolita brands and styles, as
well as a whole list of other things like historical fashion, street styles, wildflowers, etc. We are not
trying to be like the Japanese Lolita brands, that's not who we are or who we will ever be.

We like fashion to be rebellious and experimental. We want our fans/friends to get inspired by our
pieces, and to add them to their own unique style!

Gloomth is a love letter to the Misfits of the misfits.


How can I reach Gloomth directly?

Send us an email at or call us 647 347 9469 (and leave a message).
You can also message us on facebook or tumblr.

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